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Advertising Rates & Details


Advertising Ideas
Northwest Express can create innovative advertising solutions, promotions, sponsored pages, features and much more to advertise your brand. We are full of bright ideas to create impact and to help you communicate your business efficiently and creatively.
If you're a first-time advertiser with us and aren't sure how it all this works, you should find all the answers you need below...
What are Display Adverts?
Display Advertising is best suited if you have a product or service to sell and you want to increase sales immediately or are interested in raising awareness for your company’s products or services. Display adverts appear in the News section at the front of the newspaper - There will be a mixture of unrelated adverts on these pages.
What is a Classified Advert?
A classified advert is one that has been designed to appear under a specific heading in this section. You should place an ad in this section if you want your advertisement to appear in a categorised section with other similar adverts. In Northwest Express the Classified Adverts are placed towards the back of the publication.
What Sizes are available?
Our publication tabloid sized, measuring 341mm high and 265mm wide. Each page of The Northwest Express is divided into 8 sections, these pages are sold as 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or Full Page accordingly.
The Classifieds advert section, located at the back of the publication, is divided width into 7 columns. These are sold as Matchbox (Single Column) Credit Card (Double Column) and Postcard (Triple Column) the height of these is detailed below.
Advertising rates - General/ Display Adverts

Double Page Spread 530x341mm €POA
Full Page 265x341mm €800.00
Half Page 265x169mm €500
Quarter Page 131x169mm €350
Eighth Page 131x83mm €220

Front page Adverts
Double €400.00
Classifieds Adverts
Post Card 74x104mm €890.00 per 12 months
Credit Card 74x52mm €690.00 per 12 months
Matchbox 35x52mm €450.00 per 12 months
The above prices are plus vat

How do I place an advert?
You need to provide us with What line of work is your business in, What will the advertisement be for, What your budget is and the ad size you want.
We will then provide you with a cost.
In addition, if you can be flexible about when your advertisement runs, we can offer discounted rates.
Please email or call 071-9154538 for more details.
If you decide to go ahead with your advertisement, we will put you in touch with a sales rep who will book it for you, organise payment and send you a confirmation email or fax, this email or fax is proof that your advertisement has been booked.
We can provide a free graphic design service to produce your adverts, please speak to your sales rep if you want to take advantage of this. Alternatively we will need you to supply artwork in the specified format
(email for full requirements).
Run of Paper: 2pm two days prior to publication
Classified: 1pm three days prior to publication
Cancellation Deadline
Cancellation deadline is 10am three days prior to publication for display and classified advertising. A cancellation fee of 50% of ad value will be incurred for cancellations made after deadline.